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Ecko Wheel Personal Electric Transporter Chariot with Seat

Ecko Wheel Personal Transporter Electric Chariot Scooter with Seat
One Year Warranty

What is an Ecko Wheel? ( Teaching Video Below )
The Ecko wheel is a Revolutionary Balancing Scooter with Ground Breaking Technologies. 

Introducing the All New Concept Ecko Wheel Personal Transporter with seat.  The Ecko Wheel is a Brand New Concept Personal Transporter designed with a seat.  The Ecko Wheel has Sophisticated Gyroscopes in the Seat that sense your balance and moves you forward or backward according to how you move your center of gravity.  Turning the Ecko wheel is achieved by turning the steering handle just like a bicycle or electric Scooter.

This is the Perfect Christmas gift or leisure item for many different walks of life.   Pre- Teens, Teens, Adults,  and older Adults with limited mobility or certain mobility issues ( depending on the disability and the severity of the injury will determine if the Ecko Wheel is right for your particular situation )

The manufacturer has given us access to the Ecko Wheel Transporters to promote Brand Awareness.  If you are interested you can buy Wholesale by lots of 10. We cannot give you a wholesale price until you have purchased a sample first. ( Manufacturers Rules..... As Serious inquirers should want to test the New Transporter Before Purchasing Bulk )

Questions and Answers? 
**  Does the Ecko wheel balance in every direction?
No. The Ecko wheel only balances forwards and backwards. Left and right balance is done by user balance or by the training wheels.

 ** Is the Ecko Wheel easy to ride?
It is much easier to learn compared to a conventional unicycle. Users need about five minutes to two hours of practice before they can have a decent ride. The average is only about 20 minutes of practice. The Ecko wheel is a rider-assist machine, a combination of the rider’s balance and ecko wheel control.

 ** How fast will ecko wheel go?
On level ground and full charge the Ecko Wheel will go about 15 MPH depending on rider’s guts (mentally and physically).

 ** How far can I go on a single charge?
About 20 to 30 km on a single charge or about 12 - 19 miles.

 ** Can I drive the Ecko wheel in the rain, sleet, or snow?
Yes. We do, however advise that you steer clear of these conditions both for safety reasons and for protection of the SBU.  If you do ride in rain be sure to wipe down the SBU and make sure that all contacts are dry after you make it home safely.

 ** Can I lean too far forward or backward and fall?
The Ecko wheel knows its capabilities and pushes the rider back if he/she leans too far. But it’s still the rider’s responsibility to stay within the control margin of the SBU.  It will gently push you back (slow down) when the rider is getting close to exceeding the Ecko wheel’s capabilities.  It’s a unique blend of machine and human balance, kind of like the Borg from Star Trek.

 ** How do you charge the batteries?
The Ecko Wheel comes with an AC charging adapter. A fully depleted battery pack will take just over 1 hour to charge; the charger’s LED will turn green when fully charged. The LiFePO4 battery pack is rated for 1000 charge/discharge cycles or about 3 years.

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((( Wholesale Prices Available for lots of 10 )))
** Must Purchase a Sample first ** 

* The Manufacturer has decided to Remain Holographic in hopes of offering a Real Opportunity to Other Visionaries who can see the potential in this Transporter and the Transportation Industry. 

Max Speed15 mph21 km/h
Max Range19 miles30 km
Charge timeup to 4 hours
Net Weight57 lbs26 kg
Max load220 lbs100 kg
E-Motor power500 watts
BatteryLiFePO4 (lithium-ion) ( New Technology )48V/8Ah
ChargerCustom international 2A charger 100-240 VAC
Height24 inch60 cm
width: (pedals unfolded)16 inch30 cm
width: (pedals folded)12 inch40 cm

Self-Balance is only in one axis (the forward and rear axis), the Left/Right balance is maintained by the rider. The User will need a little practice in order to operate the Ecko Wheel efficiently, but once the rider has learned, it's like nothing on earth as there is no standing involved.   ( Sit, lean forward and Go )


 Teaching Video Below  

Ecko Wheel Cruising Around Below


The Ecko Wheel Price is only $2199.00 with Free shipping within the USA 


All Non Residents From outside the USA Please Contact US About Shipping Before Ordering.

( There are no Import fees on the Personal Transporter in the USA...All other countries will need to consult there local customs to find out if there is an Import tax for your country)

Please Note: We will have you a tracking number in 3 - 5 Business days.  After you receive your Tracking number the Ecko Wheels are usually delivered within  3 - 5 working days.


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